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another month another post

2010-02-02 16:32:25 by shanethedark

its february and its the month of love so i made a voice sample of a simple love poem and another famous love poem thats preety much all i got to say for now.

a new year

2010-01-14 18:19:05 by shanethedark

well its the new year and things been going decent i add and new voice sample call forty winters (though it was really meant to be known as 'When forty winters shall besiege thy brow' but it ran out of room to spell)anyway hope you like the new year.

even more improvement

2009-12-02 02:15:51 by shanethedark

well its been a while since i post last but im starting to get a hang on voice acting i made a new sample call lucky charms.

i been enjoying life as it is i been listening to techno music lately it gets stuck in your head and now i cant stop listening to hatsune miku from vocaloids i blame one of my friends but it strangly is good and i got to play dragon age orgions witch is really fun to play oh i even got a ps3 if you wanna be friends just ask threw private message well thats it happy holidays........oh screw it merry christmas to all.

edit:well i put up another new sample im runing out of ideas on what to make for a voice sample if you have ideas i wouid love to hear it well merry christmas.

bordeom and improvement

2009-10-27 01:57:32 by shanethedark

well im been making some new voice samples 2 new ones call shut up and im f!@#ing mad there seems to be a backround screech witch idk how to fix but soon enough i will.

i think i found out my little problem with the backround static so now i belive (hopefully) that no more anoying backround noise that sounds screchey.

ok i get the hang of things

2009-09-21 04:24:46 by shanethedark

took a bit but im starting to figure out how newgrounds work thank god i got my voice acting samples up (took long enough) anyway now im starting like newgrounds.

im confused

2009-09-12 00:02:21 by shanethedark

im confused on newgrounds at the moment im trying to figure things out the only reason i got a account is for voiceacting tryouts oh well so yeah trying to figure things out for the most part.